Fluoroquinolones are one of the most commonly prescribed classes of antibiotics. They are very powerful medications often wrongly given as a first line of defense against a wide variety of routine infections.

All antibiotics have side effects. What differentiates this class of antibiotics from others is its ability to cause severe adverse reactions that can disable patients and even cause death.

For some, adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones can occur immediately from as little as one pill. For others, reactions can occur weeks, months, or even longer after stopping the medication. Often, patients and even medical professionals do not suspect that these antibiotics could be the cause, as symptoms can often mimic other medical conditions.

Approximately half of the fluoroquinolones that were once on the market have now been removed from clinical practice due to their severe toxicities. Although warnings and cautionary information exist, doctors continue to prescribe this class of antibiotics for infections they were never intended to treat. As a result, many patients continue to unnecessarily suffer devastating disabilities.

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