Letter From The Executive Director


Thank you for taking time to learn more about fluoroquinolone antibiotics and about the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation.

Many patients who suffer from adverse reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics feel alone and dismissed by the medical community and are frustrated by the lack of treatments and a cure. Victims came together and founded a non-profit to act as a vehicle for change. Today, the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation is an internationally recognized leader in advocacy, education, research and patient safety.

Our mission is to build an international awareness movement by advocating for patients who are harmed by fluoroquinolone antibiotics, educating medical professionals, strengthening warning labels, reducing antibiotic resistance through the vigilant use of antibiotics, and funding research on fluoroquinolone toxicity.

Patients need support and for someone to advocate on their behalf and to make changes to policy so that patient safety is of utmost importance.

The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation has become a leading source for people like you who seek answers and a plan to combat the problems that fluoroquinolone antibiotics have caused untold numbers of patients around the world. We envision legislation changes, awareness, and education which empowers patients. With your help and support, we have been able to accomplish a lot and and continue to do more every day. This dedication makes us a community that shares a vision of hope.

Please join us in the fight to reduce the suffering of those already suffering with fluoroquinolone antibiotic toxicity and preventing others from becoming injured and disabled because of unsafe fluoroquinolone antibiotics that are associated with life-altering, and often life-threatening, adverse reactions.



Rachel Brummert, Executive Director