Words of Support for the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

A leader in research and education …

“The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation does outstanding work to educate patients and providers alike of the potential dangers of – and alternatives to – these over prescribed antibiotics.”
—Dan Walter, Author of Collateral Damage: A Patient, a New Procedure, and the Learning Curve

“The Mesh Warrior Foundation is honored to be an active partner with QVF in promoting patient safety and education; advocating for patients-before-profits; and the passion our organizations share. Safer pills and the safe use of antibiotic therapy means a safer healthcare environment for all of us.”
—Aaron Leigh Horton, Founder & ED/The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured

“My formerly healthy and active life was destroyed by a devastating reaction to an antibiotic. At first I thought I was alone, but soon I learned that thousands of others had suffered the same fate. QVF is an organization by and for victims of these drugs. It is our opportunity to work together to find cures and promote awareness so that others will not have to suffer our fate.”
—Greg S., California

“We believe antibiotics are the medications most overprescribed and misunderstood this century. There is not enough education about them. We believe QVF is instrumental in changing that.”
—Dana Hazeslip, Executive Director of the Antibiotic Awareness Foundation of Texas

“The neurological and musculoskeletal damage caused by these drugs is far more extensive than has been acknowledged by manufacturers, and QVF has a crucial role to play in advocacy for victims and research into side effects.”
—Michael G., Ireland

“I heard about The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation from a colleague who heard them speak at a conference. After inviting them to educate to my staff, we became convinced that our office should not prescribe fluoroquinolone antibiotics unless medically necessary. This organization opened our eyes and we have changed our prescribing policy. Great organization with a great mission. They have our full support.”
—Angela D., New York

“QVF has been a huge resource of information for me. It is the go-to powerhouse organization for raising funds for research as well as awareness about toxicity caused by fluoroquinolones. Without them, little would be known about what we are going through. QVF has accomplished a lot and they get results.”
—George F., Pennsylvania

A resource for the sick …

“The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation is a beacon of hope for people who are suffering from the myriad of symptoms related to Fluoroquinolone drugs. They give victims the information, the voice and the hope they need to get proper help and to advocate for better warnings and restrictions on the drugs’ use.”
— Susan Jones Knape Former Communications Director, Baron & Budd PC and Founder of A Case for Women

“I am proud of the vitally important work the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation is doing to educate patients on the potential dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and to support those who have suffered because of them. Too many people have experienced permanent complications after taking these commonly-prescribed drugs. I applaud QVF’s mission to raise awareness about this serious health issue and to advocate for real change to ensure the safety of patients in the future.”
—Thomas Sims Attorney, Baron & Budd Law Firm

“I am thankful for the support I receive from the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation. I am able to benefit from the research they are doing, and I can pass on this information to health practitioners that are involved in my care.”
—Sheila K., Canada

“QVF gave me the information I needed when I was forced into a wheelchair after taking ciprofloxacin. If not for them, I would not have known what was happening to me. Here in Spain, where I am an Ambassador for QVF, these antibiotics are given out like sweets. With the help of QVF, I can help victims here by raising awareness.”
—Gloria, Spain

“I was desperate. Then I heard about the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation from a news report. I reached out and I received the support that I needed. They have the most credible information and caring volunteers out there.”
—Eileen W., Oregon

“The QVF saved my life. I was feeling sick and went to urgent care after work and turns out I had pneumonia. The doctor tried to give me Levaquin. I told the doctor no fluoroquinolones! I explained the interviews I have done. She had no idea. QVF is a sorely needed resource. I can now educate the public because of the QVF.”
—Jennifer C., California

“So happy to have found the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation. I became sick at 22. There are no charities for this here. Good to know things are being done overseas to help us all.”
—Rebekka F., Scotland

A voice for the voiceless …

“The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation gives a voice to victims of fluoroquinolones poisoning, so that regulators, the media, and the public can become informed about the horrible suffering these drugs can inflict. I support the QVF in all of its efforts and its quest to promote the dangers of fluoroquinolones in the public consciousness.”
Lincoln Combs, Gallagher and Kennedy Law Firm

“Since pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment are not listening to victims, QVF stands out as a voice in the wilderness, offering scientific credibility and compassion.”
—Geoff R., United Kingdom

“Those who have experienced the tragic adverse reactions associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics have been left to suffer horrifically in silence. The FDA and drug companies have turned a blind eye to the thousands who have been maimed by these drugs. But the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation has become a voice for these innocent people who have been injured. They strive to raise awareness of this serious public safety concern, and to fund further research efforts to develop possible treatments for those who have been harmed. Despite crippling disabilities and chronic pain, volunteers have come together in a valiant effort to make a difference. Stricter prescription regulations need to be placed on this class of antibiotics, and the medical community needs to be adequately educated about the frequency, severity, and longevity of the potential adverse reactions. Research needs to be conducted to help those whose lives have been devastated by these drugs. This non-profit organization is sorely needed and greatly appreciated.”
—Jennifer W., California

“The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation represents hope. Their mission is clear and directed. For the injured who find them, learning that an organization exists that is involved in research is a great relief. Every day, victims find assistance from the QVF. And with these increasing numbers, QVF’s mission, determination, and importance to the victims of fluoroquinolone toxicity strengthens and grows.”
—Erin W., California

“I found the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation after my husband suffered severe adverse reactions from Cipro. They gave us the information we needed to help us understand what was happening to him. QVF was the first organization to speak for victims and they continue to speak for people like us who desperately need answers and help. These dedicated individuals are who you want in your corner when this happens.”
—Deborah S., Tennessee

“The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation has given my daughter and me the emotional and educational support we have been lacking for years from the medical community. We spent weeks and months researching the Internet, connecting with doctors and hospitals, exploring alternative health options, but more than anything, it was QVF that provided the guidance, information, and peace of mind we needed. We felt all alone until we found this organization. We finally have a voice and no longer do we have to suffer in silence.”
—Julie M., Montana