Volunteer Positions

The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation could not function without faithful volunteers—they are the very heart and soul of our organization. In fact, all QVF positions are staffed by volunteers who generously donate their time and talents to promote the mission and values of the organization. Our volunteers understand the magnitude of the challenges we face and know that we are strongest when we work together to facilitate research and advocacy on behalf of the fluoroquinolone community.

All volunteer applicants are required to be interviewed via telephone or Skype, send us a CV or resume (if applicable) and provide references.

The following volunteer positions are available within our organization:

Board Positions

General Board Member: This position is a full voting board position. Candidates should have an in-depth knowledge of the fluoroquinolone community. (QVF allows for more than one General Board Member.)

Non-Board Positions

Grant Director: This position is supervised by the Board Treasurer and is responsible for overseeing the grant application process. The Grant Director should be familiar with the fluoroquinolone community. A full job description is available here.

Advisory Committee: The Advisory Committee provides focused input and feedback relating to the need for and relative priority of proposed projects, conceptual and practical implications of proposals under development in active projects, and advise on other matters for which the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation may seek guidance.

Fundraising Director: This position is supervised by the Board Treasurer and Executive Director. The Fundraising Director will be responsible for fundraising activities of the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation by driving our digital fundraising and other means of fundraising. We are constantly looking for new ideas and new opportunities, so the Fundraising Director will have plenty of room for testing and innovation as they exercise their creativity in the online fundraising space.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions listed above, please contact Executive Director Rachel Brummert at rachel@saferpills.org.

QVF Ambassador: Do you have the desire to represent the cause of quinolone toxicity in your particular state, geographic region, or country? If so, the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation’s Ambassador Program could be for you. QVF Ambassadors, simply put, are volunteers who take positive action to support QVF’s mission, which is to “understand and reduce quinolone toxicity as a cause of human suffering in the world.” As a QVF Ambassador, your duties may include raising public awareness; networking with other quinolone victims; organizing support meetings; working with local media and elected officials; providing support to other victims; educating medical professionals; and identifying sources of possible funding.

QVF’s Ambassadors must be familiar with quinolone toxicity and committed to fulfilling QVF’s mission. They exhibit integrity, courtesy, and respect when representing the QVF. As a QVF ambassador, you will be provided with QVF’s most current information about quinolone toxicity so that you can present a consistent message in your advocacy work. If you are interested in the QVF Ambassador Program, please contact the Ambassador Coordinator, Donna Schutz, at qvfdonnaschutz@outlook.com.